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Radio Antioch is a Christian Media Network, designed to enable churches and ministries to stream live services over the Internet in real time, and deliver pre-recorded audio and video to any size audience, at any quality level, anywhere in the world.

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The Radio Antioch Prime network connects your ministry to server banks in over twenty data centers on three continents. With hundreds of servers online at all times, your content is available anywhere in the world, at any quality level. Additionally, these data centers have over 900 peer-to-peer relationships with major internet service providers, so your video connects directly to the local provider for superb quality of delivery. Our network has the capacity to serve hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, so your message gets through every time.

Live streaming using Flash or Windows Media. You may run more than one live feed at a time.
• Virtually unlimited audience size
• No ads or inconsistent service like some “free” sites
• You choose the quality, from 320 x 240 pixel feeds at 300 kbps suitable for a cell phone, all the way up through full HD broadcasts
• Our Prime Network Console allows you to monitor where your users are around the globe for each broadcast, manage content and costs.
• Our Church-Friendly plans do not limit the number of simultaneous users you may connect with, the amount of content you may store, or the amount of data you may transfer.

For Live Streaming, a PC encodes your live video content which is uploaded to Radio Antioch over your high speed internet connection. Radio Antioch delivers the content to your audience through our edge server banks around the globe. As each user clicks the link to watch, our network automatically assigns them to the best edge server for their location.

For Content-on-Demand using pre-recorded material, your media is uploaded one time to Radio Antioch over your high speed internet connection. Your media is automatically duplicated locally so that copies are stored in each of our edge server locations. A user in Brazil will automatically be watching your media through a server in Sao Paulo, and a French user will be streaming from our servers in Paris. You may use any combination of Progressive Download or Streaming, as you desire.

The Radio Antioch network can be configured to automatically serve the highest quality video that your individual audience members can receive. When each user connects, the speed of their connection is tested. Users with slower internet connections would be served a lower bandwidth picture, say 300 kbps, while others with faster connections would be connected to a higher quality feed, say 600 kbps, or even HD feeds at as much as 1300 to 3000 kbps. This is a good idea when enabling live streaming in HD as not all users will have an internet connection capable of watching a live HD broadcast.

With our Prime network console, you can configure your live streaming events, upload or delete content, monitor your live connections in real time and see where on the globe your users are.

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