What We Do

What if you could:

  • Stream your ministry events, either audio or Video, Live on the Internet?
  • To any size audience, anywhere in the world?
  • At any quality level or bandwidth?
  • Record your services with a single mouse click?
  • Upload Audio or Video in minutes with no editing required?
  • Have your material on the web minutes after a service?
  • Store your content on the web on your own Media Channel?

Now you can, with Radio Antioch Christian Media,
with Plans starting at 14.99 a month.

All you need is a PC, our Free Software, and a connection to your sound system and optional video equipment.

Radio Antioch Christian Media is a powerful Christian Content Delivery Network, with connections to data centers in over 20 cities on three continents. We can stream virtually any size audience, in real time, at any quality level. Find out More

Your Own Media Channel

Our Radio Antioch service plan includes an optional free media channel with its own URL. The difficult bits of audio and video integration are done for you. All you have to do is link to your channel from your existing web site. Each of your Channel pages has a link back to your own web pages, providing a seamless integration. With pages for recent media, favorites, and a mini-blog for posting events, sermon notes or other material, all of your media needs are covered. Our simple administration tools allow your ministry staff to upload media and configure your channel without specialized web skills.

Your channel features graphics to match your own web pages, and can optionally be further customized.

Larger ministries with powerful web sites can integrate live events and content stored on our servers directly into their web pages.

Test Drive a Demo Channel Now.

So how do you get started?

•    Radio Antioch media plans start at 14.99 a month,  with larger plans offering significant discounts as your audience grows.

•   Need more info? Fill out our contact form and one of our ministry specialists will contact you. We can advise you on how to develop your live audio and video ministry, whether you need a single camera starter setup, or a multi camera system with recording and multiple bit rate capability.  Organizations with an established video ministry may immediately upload their content, and may begin live streaming just by adding live encoding.

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